Database Management

Database Management and Marketing List Sourcing

Database Management is at the centre of any marketing activity. Data may be accumulated by organisations over time or purchased from an outside supplier. This may be split broadly between customers and prospects. You may be launching a new campaign with completely new data, in which case you may be looking for reliable data supplier. No matter what the requirement, we have been supplying and managing data to our customers for many years, managing databases as small as 1000 records to our largest of over 1.2 million records in a growing database.

You are guaranteed to benefit from our various data services.

Marketing List Supply

Marketing Lists are key to any speculative marketing campaign. You do not want to get this wrong as it can hit hard on your returns from your investment in the campaign. There are scores of companies out there all claiming to be data owners who have the best and never sold data. Fact is, it is not easy to get good quality data. There are very few data owners in the country although you will come across many who claim they are one them. We don’t lay such claims. We own small quantities of data but we are resellers of data and work with the genuine tried and tested data owners. We know where to find the best lists for both consumer and business data. We get the benefit of buying in bulk besides the advantage of reseller discounts. These cost benefits are always passed onto our customers. In effect if you have spent hours in identifying genuine data owners and have placed an order with them we will guarantee to beat that price.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is a big component of your effective data strategy. It is not unheard of companies not cleaning their data files for a long time and the result of this is an incorrect measure of ROI’s on a direct marketing campaign. It is quite normal for 10% of data to become unusable if it hasn’t been cleansed within a year.

Take this example as a basis to understand the savings you can make by cleansing you data.

Total Database size 10,000 records
Assume Mail 3 times a year and each mailing costs 50p
Your annual mailing cost @ 3 X 10,000 X 0.50 £15000
Saving if cleansed before mailings 10% X 15000 £1500

You will indeed incur costs to cleanse your data but these costs are going to be a fraction of the savings made. The above example clearly demonstrates the financial sense of cleansing your databases.
It also has intangible benefits, imagine a deceased member of a household in your database whose family keeps getting letters addressed to them, or a person whose marital status or surname has changed. We will keep your database clean and up to date by regularly running it against multiple system files to ensure the right communication goes to the right person.

Data Capture

If you have responses or forms that are hand written and need to be captured into a digital format or need to be pulled together into a single database, we have the capability to do this, using manual input as well as our automated systems.

One of the most important aspects to bear in mind when selecting a data capture company is to get quality i.e.  high accuracy. We have consistently delivered 99.7% accuracy in data capture jobs with over 100,000 records captured.

Since we know the significance and use of data, we approach data capture with a holistic view and use data appending systems to update the captured files with the correct postcodes and addresses if those responding have made an error or the writing is illegible it gets picked up and you only have a complete records in your database.